The free impact investing data app.

We give you CO2 emissions per company, data on gender equality and independence of directors, executive-to-employ pay, and more.

You invest for your future. We can all make sure there is a future.

Design of Finuprise Impact Investing App

Impact through investing

Data about gender equality displayed in the Finuprise app

We provide impact information across 15 different metrics in an easy, understandable way. On top of the standard financial information you are used to seeing.

Check what the companies you want to invest in are doing.

Bang & Olufsen - example of a stock in the Finuprise investment app

Invest, check the sustainability of your portfolio and have your voice heard.

Check your portfolio, and vote with your money by divesting and investing in impactful companies. Share your portfolio overview with others and have conversations. Check our blog for more information about impact investing.

In-app discussion feature for the members

Be part of the community, share your research, ideas and opinions on any topic and company. Ask for help, or share your knowledge. Start investing movements to create change.

Share your opinion with your fellow investors.

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