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Our Vision


We created Finuprise to empower individuals to make an impact through their investments.


84% of American stocks belong to the wealthiest 10%. They get to decide for everybody.

We want to democratize investing so everyone can have a say. Whether it’s veganism, gender equality or climate change, we want to put back the power in everybody's hands.

The barriers to invest in stocks can seem high, either because of a lack of knowledge, money or not finding simple platforms. Evaluating the impact a company has and trust that information is hard and takes time.

We envision a future where Finuprise empowers retail investors to better the status quo.

Meet Finuprise


Gaia is Italian, and she ran startups in London, Milan, and Copenhagen. She loves building things, be it a business or assemblable furniture.

She is in charge of the product and fundraising at Finuprise.

Gaia Balossi

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Simone Fant.jpg

With a background in industrial design, Simone is driven by exceptional curiosity and a keen interest in the humanities.

Taking care of Finuprise’s UX/UI enables him to shape solutions that provide real value in people’s lives.

Simone Fant

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Chiara moved from the Caribbean to pursue her career as a growth hacker in Europe. She successfully helped to scale multiple start-ups.

She is a serial entrepreneur and her main focus at Finuprise is growth.

Chiara Liqui Lung

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cv photo_Zuzana Karolina.jpg

Zuzana is passionate traveler, with the vision of creating a better future through working with companies sharing a sustainable mission.

She uses her background in social media and content marketing for her role as marketing lead.

Zuzana Kubenová

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Our Team

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

—   Margaret Mead   —

We’re always looking for talent that can help us achieve our mission.

Want to join? Check our openings

Gabe Vallejo - advisor

Gabe Vallejo

Gabe is the U.S. Head of Wealth & Trading for Revolut. He is an expert in trading, legislation, marketing, and user acquisition.

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barbara taudorf andersen_edited.jpg

Barbara Taudorf Andersen

Has experience from leading positions in the financial, payments and public sector. Currently operates in innovative tech for climate solutions.

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Heidi Lee

Experienced in investment banking and advising tech and healthcare clients in New York and San Francisco.

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Nina Riisgaard Lauritsen

Experienced lawyer in banking and financial law, with many years of inhouse experience from a leading Nordic bank.

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Neha Garg - our advisor

Neha Garg

Advises large fintech clients in the Bay Area as an investment banker at Perella Weinberg Partners in San Francisco.

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Our Advisors

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