The Finuprise gives you have acces to over 4000+ publicly traded companies. You can see on each company a great overview with the impact data we provide. 

with the all our impact metrics

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Finuprise - impact investing course, for beginner & advanced

The overview of your personal Impact portfolio!

Now it could be that your portfolio consists out of 30 different companies or more and having this in one overview would be a better reflection, and you would be able to see in one over view if your portfolio is green, yellow or red. 

How to get it done:

1. Open your "investmen platform" app and click on your portfolio 

2. Click on the download button

3. Select the CSV file and download it

4. Upload the CSV file to the Finuprise

This portfolio analysis is designed for everyone who have just started impact investing journey and want to see if their investments reflect their 

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