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A peek on what the future holds...

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Industry playlist- wildlife savers
Industry playlist-healthy busy
Industry playlist- energy transition
Industry playlist - welfare heroes
Impact profile metric 2 - operations in water-scarce regions
Impact profile metric 3 - revenues benefiting the environment
Impact profile metric 1 - percentage of independent directors
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You don’t need to spend hours researching sustainability reports of each company. We did the hard work, so you can focus on what truly matters. You will be able to access sustainable data on 3000+ stocks.

Easy research = Easy impact


While we believe that data and information are key, we also want everyone to be able to share their knowledge, experience and opinion beyond data.

Let’s share it!


Like you do with your favorite songs, make playlists of stocks and companies that interest or inspire you. Artists all over the world influence others through their music; why not do the same with your investments? 

Playlists of your stocks


Exploring the impact of your portfolio. A snapshot for you to see in which areas you already invest in. You can always come back and rethink where you would like to make an impact in future.

Overview of your impact portfolio

Industry Stock Playlist
Industry Stock Playlist
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